Daily Pricing

commoditiesCommodity prices can be very volatile so it is always good to check our page regularly to see where the markets are heading.  Our most “current” commodity prices are listed below and are subject to confirmation.  These prices are “indication only” and are subject to change frequently so it is always best to get a confirmation prior to making any final decisions.  Prices are based on several factors including: grade, quantity, market demand and location of pick-up and/or delivery point.  All the prices listed below are FOB Stony Plain Plant unless farm pick-ups are arranged.

Please call for details or if you have additional questions.


Price indications are below:

Commodity                 Per Bushel Per Metric Tonne
(Feed 3-CW) Oats                         Contract Filled
(2-CW) Oats                          $3.00/Bushel DLVD  $194.53/MT
 Export (1-CW) Oats                         $3.00/Bushel DLVD  $194.53/MT
Feed Wheat                         $5.05/Bushel FOB Stony  $185.56/MT
Feed Barley (FOB Farm)                         Please Call for more info  Spot Pricing
Green Peas                         Contract Full
(2-CW) Yellow Peas                         Contract Filled
Yellow Feed Peas                         $6.12/bushel DLVD  $225.00/MT

Current as of 3.00PM, January 3, 2018

Please feel free to contact our grain buyer if you wish to sell some grain:  Terry Sumka: terrys@spseed.ca  Tel: 780-963-2581 Cell: 780-908-0805

Future price contracts will soon be available for 2018.